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Peanut Chocostick

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Peanut Chocostick


Peanut choco stick is 19cm. It has peanut and chocolates for topping on crunchy bisket. It's very sweet and smells good from chocolate and peanut. Children and adults can join together by their snacks. Peanut choco stick is 18g and it's wrapped with vinyl. In one PVC, there are 10 choco sticks and it's 180g. Also, in one box, there are 15 PVC inside. Peanut choco stick is selling in Japan right now, and it grew fast becuase customer has satisfaction about it. You can join peanuts bwith chocolate. We made this choco stick by ingenius way and size is different, so it's compeletly different with Lotte choco stick which is small choco stick.


Introducing Sunyoung-Food

Sunyoung-Food's basic mindsets are having fair and high-quality for customers and trying hard to be a factory that be love by customers.

Sunyoung-Food located in June, 2013 and we tried hard to make choco sticks with new ways. Finally, we got patent for ingenius way for choco sticks. Continuously, we are making choco sticks with this way.

We have two managers, and five makers for having automatic system. We started capital of three hundred million won, total property for five hundred 20million won. In 2014, we had deal and planning with CROWN company, LOTTE company, C.U convenience store, GS convenience store, Seven Eleven convenience store, Ministop convenience store, Korea Lotus company which are O.E.M account customers. We display and introduced our choco sticks in May, 2014 at Kintex Groceries Exhibition. Therefore, we are working export on Japan , China , and other countries.
In 2015, we are planning to change other customers' thoughts about choco sticks for our choco sticks' sales increase.
We will think our workers to our customers, and our customers to be our family. We will also try hard to hear what customers want and to make more high- quality of choco sticks.
We would be grateful to have your attention and encouragement.